Monday, December 05, 2005

How 'bout them Seahawks!?!

That was a fun first half to watch. I love being able to bench your starters at halftime. I know people are going to wnder if the Eagles just suck, and they do, but before the game, everyone felt that the Eagles were going to come out fighting and it was going to be a close game. Well, they came out fighting but Dyson and Tatupu landed two solid uppercuts and the Eagle's glass jaw shattered. Mike Ditka predicted that the Hawks would be shown "how to play physical" by the Eagles and that the Eagles were going to pull the upset. Did you see the wood that the Hawks were laying in the first quarter? You think Iron Mike's comments were a little swayed by his Bear's allegiance? I found a cool blog, written by a Bears fan who knows his stuff. Check it out if you want a better look at the 2005 Bears. Man, it just felt good all the way around to get an easy win tonight. We've got San Fran and Tennessee in our next two games so all signs are pointing to a 12-2 record going into the game against the Colts on Christmas Eve. I shall be there and I can't wait. I found a decent story on ESPN about the Seahawks mediocrity in the past. It's not great but I found it a little entertaining.

I'm not going to make it out to Vegas until tomorrow night. I was considering leaving tonight but Kele's sister and boyfriend wanted to cook us a spaghetti dinner for letting them stay with us and I couldn't turn them down. They cooked it with a homemade sauce from real(not canned) tomatoes, eggplant sandwiches(eggplant as the "bread" with ricotta and mint and the filling) and bomb ass garlic bread. For desert we had mochi icecream and my belly is very happy at the moment. I'm probably going to head to Vegas around noon tomorrow to avoid the traffic here in So Cal. On Wednesday there's a 3K tourney and on Thursday there's a 5K event. I'm buying myself into these ones so my bankroll might take a bit of a hit. I'm also bringing enough money to play in two $1500 satellites for the 15K main event that starts next week. Who knows, maybe I'll be broke by the time I get home for Christmas. I guess I better buy Christmas presents before the trip!

I guess that's all for now. Although I said this last time, the NEXT post will definitely be from Vegas.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that just like you? I write about "Wheel in the Sky" thinking there is gonna be some witty banter between us and here you go with all this "I respect your opinion" stuff. Wow, you truly are a nice guy. Who knew? Well, I did and now so does everyone else.

You are da man, B. DA MAN!!!