Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I´m at an Internet cafe in Berlin, patiently waiting for 11 AM to arrive so I can check in at my hostel. The overnight train was awesome and I got some good sleeping done. I wandered around the city from 5:30 until 8 AM then I found this cafe, my home for the next hour or so.

I got a good comment from Carl in the last blog. Obviously we wanted a tie, I don´t know where my brain was. I´ll blame the jet lag, heat exhaustion and general stupidity. It´s moot now anyway because Italy was a big winnah and we look pretty screwed. BUT, guess what! This morning, as my train pulled into Berlin at 5 AM, the sun did indeed rise and life goes on. I´ll be at the Fan Fest tonight appreciating Brazil´s play but still rooting for them to lose. I guess I could/should root for them because they play such a pretty game but everyone and their mom knows that they´re going to win anyway and there´s no fun in rooting for the best of the best. I also like Croatia´s jerseys so gooooooo Croatia! Every team that I root for loses anyway. I´ll be wearing my Japan jersey today since my US jersey smells horrible. You know you smell really bad when you gross yourself out.

Anyway, a shower in a few hours will feel nice and the atmosphere tonight should be a lot of fun. Brazil supporters are everywhere and their drums are entrancing. I´ll get pictures up as soon as I find a computer with a USB port. Go Nats! Go M´s!

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John Rankin said...

Man, yesterday was a bad day. After watching Japan blow it against the Aussies I had to sit through a pathetic US game getting hated on by everyone in the bar. "Nippon, cha cha cha!"