Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Vegas is fun.

My flight was delayed a bit last night and I ended up arriving around 1:30 AM. By the time I got to the Rio to sign up for the first tournament, it was already sold out. Boooooooo. They got 2200 entrants and 500 alternates, amazing! They’re down to 122 players left and obviously Carl’s still alive. He doesn’t have a ton of chips but it looks like the field is full of medium sized stacks and that should be good for his steals and resteals. Hopefully he finds a hand when they make a stand.

My first event will be the $1500 pot-limit event tomorrow. I wandered around the poker room today and really wanted to play poker for the first time in a while. It’s a good feeling and I can’t wait to splash some chips tomorrow. Today, I played a single table $525 Sit n’ Go. The tourney is played 10 handed and the winner gets 5K in tourney dollars and $120 cash. That means that the juice is only $13! The play was horrible but I busted in 7th, making a pretty terrible play to go out. The first hand after blinds went up to 100/200, I’m in the big blind with 1450 left after posting. It folds to Moneymaker on the button and he raises to 700 total. It’s a bigger raise than normal and it’s pretty obvious that he’s calling a push. The SB folds and I look down at 88. It’s a clear stop and go but I figured that he’d see through it and I may as well just get it in. Pretty dumb and way too hasty. He calls with QsJs and the board comes A74(Q)(J). Before I pushed I knew a stop and go was the right play and I’m glad the board smacked me in the face. If I just call then push on the flop, he has to call 950 more to win 2450. He’s getting better than 2.5-1 but it’s had to call there with QJ. C’est la vie but it’s frustrating when you know the right play and you still botch it. Let’s hope I play better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

tough beat vs moneymaker bro. it must be cool to play with so many well known poker celebrities. of course you can hold your with any of them.

also bro, since you are the king of poker blogs, how about we get some pictures of the wsop in action? we know you are the man with the camera! it would be really cool to kinda feel the electricity there. us working class stiffs would really appreaciate it. anyways, good luck as always and i really am pulling for you and sirio big time!


Anonymous said...


Since you're the more experienced blogger, it's your responsibility to encourage Coinflip to update his blog as often as possible. It gets pretty goddamn boring grinding out 13,000 hands a week back East.

I need both of your efforts to entertain me. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Chad Burum Eliminates Carl Olson

Both players check a flop of K55, then Burum pushes on the 9 turn. Olson makes the call with AK, and Burum has him covered. Burum has only three outs for a gutshot straight with the 68, but hits the miracle 7 on the river, sending Olson home in 85th place.