Thursday, June 22, 2006

Go Nats!

I´m in Munich at my friend Jan´s place. We´re heading to an American bar to watch the two huge games. Please, Landon, get selfish. Put the effing biscuit in the effing basket. Also, today will be the last day that I ever root for Italy.

Last 5 Albums I´ve Listened to on the Train:

1. Stevie Wonder - Song Review: Greatest Hits Disk 1
2. Pearl Jam - Vs.
3. Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends
4. Craig David - The Story Goes...
5. Bob Dylan - The Essential Bob Dylan Disk 1

I fly home tomorrow and I´m very excited. I´ve had a great time here but I miss home. I´m also getting extremely amped for the WSOP. I´ll be there for most of the 6 weeks, coming back to Seattle July 1-4 and going to Justin´s wedding sometime around July 15-18. I´ve spent a ton of money over the last 3 months so I don´t think I´m going to play as many events as I want to unless I have some early success. It´ll be nice to meet up with all my friends in the poker world.

To all of you in Seattle: I´m coming home! Put on your drinking shoes!


AlCantHang said...

Drinkin' shoes all laced up...

Anonymous said...

want to know a secret? scott boyd is in town and going out in Seattle on Saturday the 24th. call me..


Anonymous said...

'Justin´s wedding sometime around July 15-18'

Hahaha. Have you booked your flight yet or are you just gonna drive out a couple days before?

The wedding is July 15th. And I booked a room for you at the Summit when I was up there last week, so you're all taken care of for lodging.

Tough loss for the US this morning, but it's pretty sweet that Ghana is advancing, so I can't feel too bad.


Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) -- In a move that surprised Washington insiders, the White House announced today that, as a result of a bet on the USA-Ghana game between US President George Bush and Ghana President John Kufuor, the United States will be providing all of Ghana's food and water for the next four years.

In a statement released by the Ghanaian embassy, President Kufuor said "You're our b*tch, America. I want my steaks medium rare."

Anonymous said...

Ripped the above post off Wonder if the Ghanians will get that call in the box against Germany, Brazil or Argentina? But never mind the sour grapes--I wish I could celebrate the way those Ghanians are going to be celebrating! Good for them.

Anonymous said...

Woot woot, Stevie Wonder!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope to see you this visit, buddy!