Friday, June 09, 2006


I know I'm bad at updating. I've been wicked busy and blogging has taken a back seat to life. I'm staying at my mom's house in Seattle and she has dial-up which makes logging on incredibly painful. Here's a quick recap of the past week:

Friday: I drive for about 4 hours from KC to St Louis for a Cubs-Cardinals game. The game is sold out except for single tickets in an $88 section. I suck it up and pay the ghastly sum. The game is great and the stadium is beautiful but I had to leave at the end of the 9th inning with the score tied at 4-4. I think the Cubs ended up winning in the 14th. I get back to Kansas City at 2 AM and get to bed around 3:30.

Saturday: I wake up at 9 AM and drive 9 hours from KC to Denver. Watch the Marlins beat the Rockies 13-0 and head to the bars. Get to bed around 2 AM.

Sunday: Wake up at 8:30 AM and drive for 11.5 hours to Vegas. There are long stretches through boring desert but there are also some really pretty stretches. Some cool rock formations in Utah, some cool canyons in Arizona and a gorgeous drive through the Rockies along the Colorado River. I get to Vegas at 7 PM and hit up an all-you-can-eat sushi bar before my flight home to Seattle. Sushi is good.

Monday: Arrive in Seattle at 1 AM. Wake up around 10 AM and meet my friends Chhouk and Kenny for lunch at Pnom Phen Noodle House. Noodles are good. I buy a new shirt and tie, get a haircut and head to my business school interview. The interview went really well but the odds are definitely against me getting in. The interview was for placement on a space-available waiting list and usually there isn't any space available. I'd say I'm a 4-1 dog to get in. You hate getting your money in with an underpair. After the interview I drive to Kirkland to pick up my friend Dave then head to Renton to pick up my friend, Matt. We pick up Renee from work and head to Kangaroo and Kiwi near Greenlake for cheap wings. Wings are good. After playing a few games of darts we head back to my mom's house for Scene It: Sports. I win both games and take the losers home.

Tuesday: I wake up early and go on an 8-mile hike with my mom. Hike is a little misleading because it was a simple stroll through Alki and West Seattle but it got my heart racing and blood flowing so I'm going to call it a hike. After the hike I drive up to Edmonds to pick up Renee's brother, pick up Davis from work and meet Dave downtown. We head to Larry's BBQ and eat ribs. Ribs are good. After dinner we head to Safeco Field and watch the Mariners beat the Twins 4-2. The game was great and I was pleasantly surprised to see the M's play such good ball.

Wednesday: Mow the lawn and pick up my friend Erica from the airport. Go eat dinner at our favorite Sczechuan place in the International district then drive down to Vancouver, WA to visit my grandma. Watch the Mariners game at my grandma's place and cheer as Carl Everett hits an 11th inning walk-off dong.

Thursday: Wake up around 9:30 and hang out with my grandma. Head to Thai Lotus with my mom, grandma, and 3 of her friends. Eat Thai food with 0 stars. No spice isn't very good. Drive back to Seattle and eat dinner at Wild Ginger with my mom and Renee. The food was incredible but it came out late. We had to pound our wine and head to Benaroya Hall for an awesome string performance. It was chamber music in a small venue and it was good.

Today I'm at my friend Mark's house for the World Cup openers. Mark is Brazilian and his whole family is going nuts here. I thought the first game was entertaining and had a few spectacular goals.

I board a plane for Germany tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. I'm going to try to be a good Asian tourist and take a lot of pictures but I might just be too caught up in the moment. Sorry in advance if that happens. I know it sucks reading this drivel without visual aid.

Here's where I'll be and when I'll be there:

June 11th: Arrive in Munich at 4:05 PM
June 12th: Train to Gelsenkirchen: USA v. Czech Rep. @ 6 PM
June 13th: Train to Berlin: Brazil v. Croatia @ 9PM
June 14th: Hang out in Berlin
June 15th: Berlin: Sweden v. Paraguay @ 9 PM
June 16th: Train to Stuttgart: Holland v. Ivory Coast @ 6 PM
June 17th: Train to Kaiserslauten: Italy v. USA @ 9 PM
June 18th: Train to Munich: Brazil v. Australia @ 6 PM
June 19th: Hang out in Munich
June 20th: Train to Berlin: Ecuador v. Germany @ 4 PM
June 21st: Hang out in Berlin
June 22nd: Train to Nuremberg: Ghana v. USA @ 4 PM
Train to Munich night of the 22nd
June 23rd: flight home @ 9:15 AM

I guess it's a pretty short trip but watching those games with the masses should be loads of fun. I have no game tickets but I think it'll be just as much fun to party outside. If there's anyone in Germany reading the blog (it seems silly making that statement but I got a comment from a guy in Dirk's hometown) please write me an email at and meet me for a beer. Go Nats!


AlCantHang said...

I'm extremely jealous of the World Cup trip. Have a blast in Germany.

Scott Boyd said...

You have by-far the most ridiculous life of anyone I have ever met.

Have you ever thought about offering "Be Brandon Schaefer for a day" internships? I'm willing to write an essay if I have to.

EzTheKid said...

bro im in berlin for a bit. heading over to jerusalem on tues, but maybe we can meet up if youre in town before then. peace.