Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stayin' Alive

I made the money in my first WSOP tourney this year! There are 70 players left in the $1500 Pot Limit tourney and I’m in 32nd place with 24,000 chips. 24K is about average but blinds are starting at 1K/2K so I’ll need to find a hand or make a move pretty early. The payouts are very top-heavy so it makes sense to gamble for some chips. If I go out on the first hand today I win $3,008, 19th place gets $9,777, 9th wins $33,845, 2nd takes $180,508, and the winner will get $345,984. Today might take a while but I feel good and I’ll try to get lucky. Carl got knocked out of the $1500 NL tourney yesterday with one of the nastiest beats you’ll ever see. I might quit poker if it happened to me. He has a blog here where you can waste more time.

Brad “Otis” Willis is a guy I met last year at the EPT events and he keeps a blog for Poker Stars here. I’m not reppin’ Stars in this tourney but he still might throw in an occasional update for me.

Pauly has been running updates and if he pulls himself away from the hooker bar, he might have some news. His updates are written in his own style and, trust me, his style rocks.

For something a little more formal, check out CardPlayer. They’ll let you know when I bust. I’m heading downstairs for some breakfast. Let’s get lucky, ONE TIME!


mookie99 said...

Congrats ! Good luck today.

AlCantHang said...

Great job. Keep on moving up and get that bracelet. Chicks dig a guy in a WSoP bracelet.