Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why am I so Dumb

So…I wake up today at noon and get on the road at 2 PM, headed for St. Louis. It’s about 4 hours to St Louis so I have plenty of time to make it before the 7 PM start. Jimmy calls me at 2:30 and informs me that the game is in the 7th inning and it started at noon. UGH. So, I turn around and head back to his place. Now I have a bit of driving to do this weekend but it looks possible. Here’s the schedule:Tomorrow: Day off for the Cardinals. I go visit the hospital where my mom was born and try to find the park where my grandma used to take her when she was little. Jimmy gets off of work at 6 PM and we get some bomb ass BBQ and watch the Mavs take a 3-2 series lead.

Friday: Drive to St. Louis. The game is at 7 PM. I triple-checked. The game will end around 10 PM and I will drive back here. I will get here at 2 AM and go to sleep.

Saturday: I will wake up at 9 AM and drive to Denver. It’s about 8 hours away so I’ll get there at 5 PM but I’ll gain an hour so it’ll be 4 PM. Actually, I may leave around 10 AM. It’ll still give me one hour of leeway for traffic, coke-snorting, etc. before the game starts at 6 PM Denver time. I triple-checked. After the game I will hang out with my friend Mike and possibly my friend Frank. I will stay sober and prepare for….

Sunday: Drive to Vegas. It’s about 10 hours away at my flight is at 10:25 PM. I guess I should get to my friend’s house by 8 PM so I can park the car and give him time to get me to the airport by 9:30ish. I guess I’ll leave Denver around 10 AM. I arrive in Seattle at 12:51 AM, guess I should call someone about picking me up!

I have an interview with the UW business school on Monday. Here’s the official word: “Thank you for your recent application to the University of Washington MBA Program. After an initial review of your application, we would like to extend an invitation for you to participate in an Admission Interview.” I got an email of rejection from the UW Evening MBA program but I didn’t want that anyway. I guess they reserve the evening MBA spots for people who work full-time. As an unemployed bum, I don’t qualify. The interview obviously isn’t as good as an acceptance but I’m happy that I get the chance to talk to the Director of Admissions and convince her that I should get into the school. If everyone could cross their fingers for me at on Monday at 3 PM that would be great.

I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Go Mavs. Go Mariners. GO NATS!

Whoops, that reminds me. I’ve been meaning to link up my friend Matt’s soccer blog for a while now. It’s been tremendously educational for me and I think it’s perfect for the sports fan who is trying to get into soccer. One thing Matt told me tonight is that even if we make it through our tough ass group in 2nd place, we face the winner of Brazil’s group in the round of 16. Ugh. I guess we just need to win our group! GO NATS!!!!


sarahbellum said...

I'm smiling at the irony surrounding the title of this post and the interview that you have on Monday. :-)

Anonymous said...

What time are you in on Sunday, I can grab ya homey.


Anonymous said...

Go Nats?

Go Brazil!!!

Anonymous said...

QUESTION: One sure way to get admission into the MBA program?

ANSWER: Give them your web-blog address. After reading this great blog, there is no way in hell they will reject you! :)