Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back in Vegas

I'm back in Vegas for about a week. Updates should come more often.

I really appreciate comments like the one from DeAnna. The reason why I feel so confident that I'm not an alcoholic and not addicted to gambling is the fact that I'm very self aware AND I'm blessed with a great family and great group of friends who aren't afraid to tell me when they think I'm screwing up. They definitely keep me honest and I don't think they'd allow me to fall that far down the addictive slopes. With that said, I really do appreciate their input and I appreciate the random comment from someone that I've never met. It takes a pretty special person to put forth that much effort and have that much concern for someone she's never met. Thanks, DeAnna. It's people like you that will keep me under control. I try to keep this thing light hearted but I'm not afraid of confronting serious issues if I have to.

This weekend was a lot of fun. I hung out with my little bro most of the time and there isn't anyone else on this earth with whom I'd rather kick it. He drank pretty heavily on the 2 nights that I didn't see him so he was recovering most of the time that I saw him. He's probably going to drive through Vegas during the Main Event before heading off to his duty station in Weisbaden, Germany. He'll be there for 3 years and I'm definitely going to try to get over there a few times.

Tonight I played a bit of online poker, winning about $300 in the 3/6 NL on EuroBet. Around 12:30, Carl and I went to the Bellagio for some 5/10 NL action. He's definitely a lot better than I am and I think I play too tight. I'm not comfortable opening up but I think that will come with experience. It's not a terrible way to play but it's pretty easy to play against weak-tighties like me and I'd like to find ways to loosen up. Luckily there was a big Laggy donk at the table and I stacked him once, ending the session up $800.

Tomorrow is an off day. I'm going to try to run some errands but there's a sick final table that I might try to sweat. Vinny Vinh, Phil Hellmuth, Marcel Luske and Isabelle Mercier are the 4 chipleaders in the $5K NL event. Those characters will definitely put on a good show. I have to get to the bank to get some cash but I might put off washing my car and pressing my shirts.

It's late. I'm boring myself with this crap. Hopefully I'll have something fun to talk about tomorrow.


cliff said...

niggy noggy - I'm going to be in Vegas this morning. Pick me up @ the Signature Executive terminal. You know you're not going to get any errands completed, so save yourself the disappointment of unchecked tasks and don't even bother. I'll call you during our run-up checks...or text you from the air-I don't know what is wrong with the FAA, my celly works stupendous at altitude.


Anonymous said...

Final table you will make, yes (Fri's $2500 NL). Proud of you I am (and will be when you get your bracelet). Take it easy, boy.