Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wait 'til Next Tourney

The first time I made it to day 2 in a WSOP event I lasted 4 hands and finished in 64th place. This time I lasted 3 hands and finished in 65th place. The first hand UTG pushed for 13,500 chips, exactly the same amount that I had. I looked down at K5o and decided that it wasn't big enough to look him up. The next hand it's folded to me in the cut-off and J3o is plenty big enough to stick in my chips. Everyone folds and I'm up to 17,000 after posting the 200 chip ante and I look down at 77 in the hijack, again plaenty big enough to jam. Sadly, the button had AA and IGUTPON. I've cahsed in 2 out of 3 tournies and actually lost about $2000. Like they used to say in Brooklyn, Wait 'til next tourney. Monday is the $1000 freezeout so I won't find myself making it into the money and actually losing money. It would be really nice to go deep in one of these things but I need to stop bluffing off all my chips. Bleh.

I'm still shocked over the Zidane head-butt. I don't know what to say. He's one of the last athletes that I'd ever expect to do something like that in such a huge spot. Now Italy get 4 stars on their jerseys, boooooo.

The MLB All-Star break is upon us. The Mariners sit at 43-46, better than expected. They're in last place in the West but only 2.5 games out of first. Don't count the boys out just yet. Gilbertino Meche is pitching really well and we finally got rid of Everyday Eddie. If the bats can be more consistent I like our chances. I wrote this team off during the first week of the season but they've been a pleasant surprise.

I fly to Boston on the 13th and back to Vegas on the 17th. It'll be nice to get out of here again but once I'm back, I'll be here for the long haul. We'll have the house at that point and I'll be able to stock up on grapefruit and cereal. Carl and I were sitting in our hotel room this morning, wistfully yearning for a simple bowl of cereal. One day, Carl, we WILL get our cereal. One day.


Lou Pickney said...

Enjoy the rest of your time in Vegas... and good luck. Wish I was out there getting in on the action -- sounds like things are really happening out there right about now.

Jimmy said...

What are you going to Boston for?

Anonymous said...

Good luck, buddy!


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work my friend. Just play your game and the chips will come.

I know people some people who read this blog will think i'm dumb and some are thinking the same thing since no everyone knows a lot about poker but what is UTG? I've tried to figure this out with no success.

Zidane is french, which is american for pussy. I hate to bring politics into this but Alan Barron said it best when he called all french people, "cheese eating surrender monkeys". that's an exact quote. BTW, that was the sweetest head butt I've ever seen. I hate to say this but I like Zidane, he should play in the MLS. Then maybe people would watch.

Keep your head up B, you da man.


Wild Bill said...

hey cool blog man, and gl in the events

i met you sweating rizen at the final table...didn't know you were a certified tourney gangsta, don't be so modest! lol

add your blog to to get some more readers

cya around


Anonymous said...

For silky: Don't know this Barron guy, but I do know that Alan is the French spelling--bleaah!

The way that Italian collapsed writhing in pain and anguish from a headbutt to the chest, maybe all should reconsider who the mightiest wimps are.

Anonymous said...

Keep kicking ass, and eventually everyone else will fall down.

I believe UTG is "under the gun" and refers to the first person to act (sitting after the big blind) in the first round of betting.

I was always under the impression that "cheese eating surrender monkeys" was made famous by the Simpsons episode that featured that line. Perhaps I'm wrong.

See you in Vegas


Anonymous said...

Harlow is right about the origin of the "cheese eating surrender monkeys" line. This Barron guy is nothing but a parrot, bereft of original thought. Now, if he had called them "limburger infested pond skulkers", at least he would have manipulated the language.

Excuse me, I have to go scarf some frog legs.

Anonymous said...

Scary stuff when you get the House of Representatives involved in regulating online gambling...