Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Poker is Stupid

I went pretty deep in the $2K Pot Limit event yesterday but I took a rough beat and couldn't win an important coinflip near the bubble and I busted around 63rd place with 54 people making the money. I could care less about finishing 63rd compared to 54th but I really want to go deep in one of these suckers. I tilt very rarely but I've never lost in a live tourney with KK to KQ all-in preflop and it stung quite a bit.

After the tourney I was really disappointed because of the bad beat so Carl and I went to Treasure Island to play a drunken 2/4 mixed game. The mix was 2-7 triple draw, A-5 triple draw, Badugi and Stud/8. The play was loose and the drinks were flowing and I soon forgot all about the stupid WSOP. We stumbled out of there around 5 AM and crashed hard back at the Rio.

Today we did absolutely nothing and it felt great. The only time we left the room was to eat lunch at the Rio's mediocre Carnival World Buffet. We watched a few episodes of Arrested Development and I took a nap around 6ish. Laziness rules.

Tomorrow I fly to Boston at 6:30 AM. I'm meeting my mom at 7 PM EST and we're driving up to Vermont for Justin's wedding on Friday afternoon. By the time I return on Monday, everyone will have moved into our house and we won't have to put up with life at the Rio anymore. Casinos are pretty depressing.


sarahbellum said...

There will be plenty of cereal waiting for you at the house. Have fun in Vermont, and I look forward to seeing you!

Anonymous said...

Poker IS NOT STUPID!! lol
You WILL go deep into one of these tournaments, Brandon. You must (and of course will) continue to play "Brandon Schaefer Poker" and good things will happen (Except for you bluffing off your chips :O) ). Now you are immune to anything. You have lost with the best of it, and you have bluffed it off. So now you are due to suck out immensely on one hand, and have the best hand hold up on another. Let's hope you can put that all together late in the next tourney you play. Love you ~~Gonz

Anonymous said...

"I tilt very rarely but I've never lost in a live tourney with KK to KQ all-in preflop"

Welcome to the club. We'll upgrade you to the Gold Membership after you lose AA to AK all-in preflop. To receive Nordberg Level Membership, you have to take this beat on the TV bubble of a final table.

Have a great trip, see you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Poker is stupid and boring only idiots play that game :)

Anonymous said...

Poker is a glorified luck fest. I'd rather bet on sports....