Sunday, January 21, 2007


The Big Day Out was sold out but Shecky knows Tool's ex-manager and got us hooked up with backstage passes. I was less than 20 feet away from Jet and Muse during their entire sets and the feeling was indescribable. Muse was unreal but I think I enjoyed Jet more. The thing that I love about music is the memories that certain bands can evoke. Standing on the stage with Jet flooded me with memories of giving Renee shit about buying me Strokes tickets instead of Jet and giving Renee shit in general, my road trip to Spring Training and Vegas with my boy Davis and really reminds me of my fraternity days in general. Muse was the better show but Jet really got me going. Anyway, Pauly, being the professional blogger that he is, has already created a short video on YouTube:

The whole time I felt like the kid in Almost Famous. We were backstage before The Killers went on stage and saw the band huddling up, getting pumped to perform in from of 100,000 people. The lead singer was doing some vocal exercises and bouncing around like Tigger. Jet was drinking Becks then went into a sort of huddle and sang a tribute to Elton John before taking the stage. I mentioned to Pauly that all we were missing was Penny Lane and all of a sudden she was there. I think Kate Hudson is dating the lead singer of Jet and she stood next to us for part of Jet and all of Muse. Backstage at The Big Day Out with Penny Lane. Unreal.

We rented a car yesterday and I stepped up to do the driving on the wrong side of the road. It took a lot of concentration but I think I got the hang of it toward the end of the night. My biggest fear is making a right turn into the wrong lane but it shouldn't happen as long as I stay focused. Yesterday was definitely a success despite going mirror-to-mirror with a parked car the first time I drove. Today we are driving down to Byron Bay and I should be alright on the freeways. I'll check in once I get to our hotel so that you know I didn't swerve into the Pacific Ocean.

Don't forget to check out Pauly's blog for better recaps of the trip.


John G. Hartness said...

Gavin and carter should be jealous that you were backstage with the Killers. The pic of you three singing Mr. Brightside at the Bash is still one of my favorites that I've taken!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Patriats-Colts game in Oz? Colts put up 32 in the second half; the great Payten Manning, Vinny Terry, the other guy; Tom Braddy, you are panwed!

Sorry, got carried away channelling Bandwagon Boy there. Great game, hope you saw it.