Sunday, January 14, 2007

GG Seahawks

I should have known when I woke up at 5 AM and it was the first cloudy morning in Melbourne. I should have known when Rex converted that miraculous 3rd and 10 on the opening drive. I should have known when the Seahawks couldn't convert ONE single 3rd-and-short all game. I should have known when Robbie Gould lined up from 49 yards out. But I didn't. I really, really, really REALLY thought that the Seahawks were going to pull it off this morning(or yesterday afternoon, depending on where you are) but alas it wasn't to be. There's no doubt that the Bears are a better team but I couldn't ask for anything more. Give Matt the ball with 4 minutes left in regulation in a tie game and I'm a happy camper. Oh well.

I start the Aussie Millions main event today and I'm uber-excited. The structure looks good, we start with 20,000 chips and the field is uber-soft. The bet place for updates is PokerNews where Dr. Pauly and a slew of others are providing live updates. I've gotten drunk with many of the PokerNews crew so I think they'll have updates on my stack periodically. Day 1A was yesterday and my boy Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke is among the chipleaders with 139,100 chips. My hero, Patrik Antonius, is the chipleader with an obscene 315,400 chips. He is just ridiculous.

I'm starting to hammer out my Australia plans post-tourney and I'm getting excited to see the rest of this amazing continent. Scott, who is infinitely less lazy that I am, has some posts up about India. Check it out for some sweet pics and commentary. I hope to check in tonight with at least 100,000 chips.



Anonymous said...

Good luck BALLA!!

Anonymous said...

West Coast teams just blew it.
Seattle and San Diego are out. Too bad but maybe next year.