Thursday, January 25, 2007


Pauly and I got to Sydney this morning at 7 AM. THe overnight train was pretty brutal and neither of us slept very well. The train was a lot worse than the ones in Europe or Japan and about on par with the train that I took in India. Given the option again I think I'd rather fly from the Gold Coast to Sydney. Live and learn.

We got to our hostel around 8 AM but it was too early to check in. We dropped off our bags and went to an Internet cafe. After about 30 minutes I had a wicked deuce brewing so I got up to look for the bathroom. The Internet cafe didn't have a bathroom so I had to scurry across the street before it was too late. I burst into an office building and walked quickly to the back corner where the bathroom was located. There was one guy in front of me and with two urinals and only one stall he took the stall to take his piss! I had to sit there clenching my cheeks while Mr. Deuchebag had the stall locked up. For a second I thought that I would have to use the urinal but he finished just in time and I shot him a dirty look before slamming the stall door and wrecking the toilet.

That was the exciting part of the day. We also hit Bondi Beach in the early afternoon and it reminded me of a miniature Nice with more surfing. Pauly and I walked the beach and got to see one nice pair of boobies flapping in the wind. Sydney is a pretty cool city. It kind of reminds me of Seattle because it has a compact downtown core with cool neighborhoods sprawling out in every direction. At first I thought it was like New York but I've changed my opinion after seeing the outer nieghborhoods.

I got a haircut and now look very sexy. Pauly's roommate in the hostel works at a bar and he told us tonight is ladies night AND that he'd hook us up with free drinks. Sold and sold. There's a chance that I hit on some women tonight but there's a better chance that I get really drunk and sloppy. I will have a full report tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Australia Day and I can't wait. Pauly has a friend here in Sydney and she's throwing a party from 3:30-late. She has advised us to bring a toothbrush and a change of clothes so it might be a pretty good time. I'm probably going to stay in Sydney for one more day, after Australia Day, before flying to Adelaide to catch the train to Alice Springs.

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Screw a toothbrush bring something useful, like a condom.