Monday, January 15, 2007


I had 58K at the dinner break and ended the day with 38K. I was at a tough table and found myself down to 45K when I tried to make a move and ended up spewing 17K in chips. I stole on each of the last 4 hands of the day to get back up to 38K. This structure is pretty sick and we start at 500/1000 tomorrow so I still have a bit of room. It's pretty disappointing to have nearly 60K with 3 hours left and go backwards. We start tomorrow at 12:30 PM, check for updates. I've been up since 5 AM and it's time for bed. Love, Brandon.


TripJax said...

Good luck, dude.


Anonymous said...


Plenty of time to recover...

Anonymous said...

Slow Roll:
To turn over a winning hand in a non-timely fashion,usually done by sleazy players to annoy opponents.