Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I love play pokah

I busted from the Main Event yesterday and was upset for about 10 minutes. Once I finished my first beer on the rail I started to get excited to see more of Melbourne and hang out with my friends while they're down here. Nordberg and Carl were already drinking and Michael, a Melbourne native, decided to join the fun. After a few beers at the Casino, we decided to take a cab to St. Kilda, a popular Melbourne beach area. We ate some pizza then made our way down to the water. It was pretty nice but there were tons of flies and there's nothing more annoying than having to incessantly swat flies. We drank some more at a bar on the beach then headed back to the Casino after it got dark. Carl and I had some booze in our room so the four of us headed upstairs to drink and watch tennis. It's pretty cool that the Australian Open is going on at the same time as the poker tournament. Carl and I are going to see a match tomorrow but we aren't sure who we'll see. He qualified for the tournament on Mansion Poker and they're getting tickets for him. It seems like they're doing a great job of taking care of their qualifiers. Anyway, the Leyton Hewitt match was on and he was down 2 sets to none so I bet Michael $100 that the American would beat him. I had to give him 4-1 odds but I felt good. Obviously, Leyton came back to win and I lost $A400. No more tennis betting for me. I think I gave him too good of a price: once Leyton picked up one set, I knew the match was over because the crowd got behind him and the momentum was unstoppable.

After finishing a fifth of Maker's Mark, a bottle of wine and a few James Boag beers, we headed downstairs to eat before playing poker. Nordberg, Michael and I finished eating and headed down to the poker room. Carl was supposed to come down and meet us but I think he was too drunk so he headed back to the room. I sat at a good $5/10 game and won $A2500 in about 2 hours. I got up to the room around 4:30 AM and Carl was passed out with the lights on and TV blaring. It's taking us a while to get going this morning but I'd like to play some more 5/10 and try to pay for my trip down here.

I uploaded some pictures from India to a Google program called Picassa. Enjoy:




Anonymous said...

There you are again, under the Arc D'Brandon, with a long straight space with a rounded end over your head--shades of KC, man, what is it with you? Delusions of Brandeur? (I'm considering marking inappropriate content.)

Nan looks good, so I'll let it slide.

Matthew said...

I don't understand the previous post, but the pictures you posted are great. Not great like you took great pictures, but great quality, that camera must be really nice. Next time take more pictures of Ivan and Scott, I want to compare hair loss between them.