Sunday, September 04, 2005


Well, poker hasn't been going too well. Actually, side games are still going well but I've been running very bad in tournaments. I think I'm starting to let it affect my play and I'm looking forward to the 2 months overseas. There's one big tourney that I'm playing tomorrow, event #1 of thw WCOOP, the online version of the World Series of Poker. It should be fun and let's hope I go far. There's a ton of hype surrounding these evnts and the winner tomorrow will take home a few hundred thousand. I'm also going to play in a smaller tourney at Ocean's Eleven Casino on Labor Day. That one will pay the winner around 30 grand. These will be the last poker tournaments that I'll play before Barcelona. I'm going to try to focus and play my best game. I think I might keep a running log and have my first in-depth strategy Blog. I'm sure you all can't wait.

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