Monday, September 26, 2005


People in Japan really like to drink...and I`m easily swayed by peer pressure. The past two nights have been pretty hectic but thankfully I`m drinking nothing but water tonight.

We arrived in Fukuoka City on Saturday night around 7 PM. Ken`s uncle is subsidizing a hotel for us because his son is studying for the Japanese version of the SATs and we can`t stay at his house. We checked in at the hotel then met Uncle Ichiro and his friends for dinner. We ate at a really nice place that had a lot of Korean influence. Our main dish was a lot like Sundubo(Soon-Doo-Boo) but was homemade by the lady of the house and much better than the Sundubo that I usually eat on North Aurora. Ichiro was drinking really fast and was drunker than Ken had ever seen him. Ken thinks he was trying to keep up with me but I think competition is silly, especially in something as juvenile as drinking.

We woke up in the morning with a slight hangover and caught a train to Ken`s mom`s hometown. Allen was stationed here and was able to woo the beautiful Tempura chef named Akiko thanks to 2 of his golfing buddies, Shimomini San and Sasaki San. We`re staying with Sasaki San and we had a great time last night. He broke out the good soju and he and I got smashed. Ken was worried for our safety so he stopped early but I wasn`t going to miss out on drinking with the coolest 70 year-old in the world.

We woke up at 5 AM this morning without a hangover due to the quality of the soju and went hiking all day. I got pretty sunburnt because it was an absolutely perfect day. We hiked right next to a dormant volcano that emitted lagre quantities of sulfuric smoke. After hiking we went to a hot springs place and soaked our muscles. It was really nice to do something active after all these weeks of overeating, starting in Jacksonville and never ending.

Like I said before, tonight we`re going to chill and get some rest. Tomorrow I head to my Cousin Shigetoshi`s place to see him for the second time in my life. He`s pretty much the only remaining Japanese relative that we keep in touch with and I`m excited to see him. Ken is staying with Mr. Sasaki and we`re meeting in Fukuoka City on Wednesday. I have a few pictures that I want to put up but I`m going to have to wait until I`m at a newer computer.

Go Seahwaks! Yankees Suck! Mariners aren`t going to lose 100!


Anonymous said...

How do you compare to your fellow country men in the drinking department. Are you drinking them under the table? (You'd better be) Is the "asian glow" just called the "glow" there since everyone is asian. I went to a typical F-dub wedding this weekend. Beau and I got smashed, his girl was puking in the bushes outside, and the brides cousin had a threesome in the bathroom. Behold the ghetto. Dookie

Anonymous said...

Hi Bran,
Sent you an email, but thought i would copy it here as well, in case it is missed, or in case anyone else from the house happens to read it here and can respond to melani.
Hi Dookie,
When Gramma reads the blog, she might be asking you what those new 'threesomes' are for the bathroom.
Maybe post answer here. HomeDepot?
Hate to bore you with this trivial stuff, but i get reminded a few times a day, from Melani.

brandon folks need to cut their service..

tenants are having problems setting up their internet service thru Qwest...becuz Qwest is saying that previous tenants STILL have NOT terminated their service.

Davis came to pick up the cable equipment awhile ago,which they needed to give back and cut service. But I guess still NOT done.

CAN YOu tell Brandon or whoever to take care of it immediately, so the girls can get their own hookup?

or give me Davis cell # too so i can followup.


Yvonne said...

Hi Brandon,
I loved Barcelona too! But Gregory didn't -- except the arcade. But no English tv.