Saturday, September 10, 2005

Booooo Orlando

What’s up. We’re at the Days Inn Orlando and I have a secret to share: Orlando sucks! The traffic was really nasty on the way down here and we didn’t arrive until 3 PM. All the parks were shutting down and the clubs weren’t opening until 10 PM or so. We went to the Universal Studios City Walk but it was all so phony. Bob Marley had a restaurant there, a “tribute to freedom”. I have a feeling that if he were still alive, Bob Marley would be pretty upset about being a part of such a hokey place.

Bored to tears we resorted to drinking. We had a few at City Walk then came back to the hotel with a half-rack of Coors Light and a fifth of Gin. The most fun we had down here was playing beer grenades in the pool. We passed out pretty early and we’re on our way to Gainesville. It’ll be great to see a college football team score some points and WIN a game. Poor Huskies. Full tailgate and game report coming tomorrow.

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