Sunday, September 11, 2005


We had a really fun football weekend down here in Florida. The results may not be what we envisioned but we had a great time. Both games had a great atmosphere, great weather and, of course, great friends.

Interlude: Some of these entries are starting to sound a little sappy and contrived. I’ll try to stop doing that and just write off the top of my head.

The Gator game was great. We bought a six-pack of Sparks and one half-rack each of Beast Light and Natty Ice. Will’s cousins hadn’t ever had the pleasure of indulging in Sparks and they were very impressed by its smoothness. Tailgating at the Swamp is a lot bigger than at Husky Stadium. It seemed like the entire state of Florida was having a party in the parking lot and you couldn’t help but get fired up. We were a little disappointed with the lack of hotties in the state of Florida but it is possible that we just weren’t looking in the right places. I might just be spoiled by So Cal as well.

As far as the game goes, Florida won 41-3 but didn’t look nearly that good. Chris Leak looks a little shaky and I’m not a huge believer in their offense. Tennessee will be slightly tougher than Louisiana Tech was this week and I think the Gators are going down, even though it’s in the Swamp. You heard it here first.

The game didn’t end until late and we got home around 11PM, ridiculously tired from drinking all day but ready to do it again on Sunday. Unfortunately I entered a tournament on PokerStars and didn’t get to bed until 4 AM so when Aunt Bev served breakfast at 9 AM, I was a little tired to say the least. She made quite a feast with 50 eggs scrambeled, sausage, bacon, biscuits and OJ. We got to the tailgate site around 11:15 and met up with Ken’s cousins. This one was a little less eventful and I think Seahawks tailgating is a little bigger and better then what we experienced. We still had fun and threw the football around and I was feeling really good heading into the game.

The first half was so-so. We turned the ball over too much but the defense stiffened in some key spots and we were lucky to go into the half up 14-13. I love Hasselbeck and I think he’ll take us far but sometimes he has a little too much gunslinger in him and he makes ill-advised passes. Anyway, I liked how we played the first half and I figured if we could hold onto the ball, the game was ours.

Well, obviously we couldn’t hang onto the ball and the Jags defense really got it going. I think they started sending more blitz packages and we couldn’t take advantage of one-on-one coverage. In the end it really came down to their defense making plays and our offense failing to do the same. It is really tough to run on this Jags defense and I’m not ready to panic over one game. Hopefully we establish the run next week and can get in a better rhythm. And, uh, NOT turning the ball over 5 times would be cool.

After the game we went to Aunt Linda’s house to say farewell and ended up going to Beach Road Chicken House, a Jacksonville landmark. The chicken was good and it was served like fried chicken should be: in large quantities and as greasy as possible. We stuffed ourselves, said our tearful goodbyes and headed back to hang with Will’s family. We watched the Sunday Night game and hung out like one big happy family.

I’m very tired and I hope my fatigue wasn’t reflected in this blog entry. The pictures I posted are:
  1. Ken and Will at Steak and Shake, a horrible restaurant we stopped at on our way to Orlando. Kenny is very skinny and we decided that he looked like a Haitian Refugee. We said things like, “poor thing, probably hasn’t eaten for days!” and other comments on Ken’s lack of insulation. I don’t know how much I should rag on a guy for being too skinny while I’m pretty overweight but that’s beside the point.

  2. The 4 of us at Alltel Stadium. What a beautiful day for a football game.

  3. Kickin back at Uncle Tim’s place. Does it get any better than a huge hammock by the river at sunset?

Tomorrow it’s goodbye Jacksonville and hello Barcelona. It’s a long day of travel but I can’t wait to play some live poker and experience Spain at the same time. I have a feeling we might get some good pics there. Hasta la vista.

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