Friday, September 02, 2005

Tough Life in the Big Easy

Entry #10! My first milestone! Believe me, it’s a small miracle that my lazy ass has lasted this long. I really think this will be a great place for me to post travel updates while abroad.

Today Kele and I were supposed to look for new apartments but we ended up playing video games all day. Danielle wasn’t too pleased when she got off of work but we promised to do it tomorrow. We shall see. I feel bad because I’m going to be gone when we move and they’re going to have to move all my crap. I don’t have that much stuff and I absolutely HATE moving so I don’t feel thaaaaat bad.

Man, the events down South sure are sad. We went to New Orleans last year right around this time for Seahawk’s opening day and there was a huge hurricane threat at that time too. It’s really difficult to hear these warnings hundreds of times over the past 20 years and not experience some sort of Boy who cried Wolf effect. I hope those who survived land on their feet and may those who passed away rest in peace.

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