Sunday, September 04, 2005


Event #1 of the WCOOP is underway! 3,062 entrants, $1,531,000 in the prize pool, $306,200 for first place. I’ve played one hand, 88 in the SB. Flop was 234, I bet 40 into a pot of 60 and both players called. Turn was an A and I check-folded. I’m all the way down to 2450 from my starting stack of 2500.

There are two absolutely horrible players at my table. They will probably go broke soon and I hope I get a hand before then. One is very loose and passive so when I pick up a hand I’ll bet it very aggressively at him. The other is intensely aggressive so I’ll try to trap him for a lot of chips.

DAH! Just got moved to a new table. I didn’t recognize anyone at the last table but at my new one, I have S 18, one of the hottest tournament players on Stars, iMsoLucky0, a very good 2+2er, AND ME argent, a very well respected player. Talk about a bad beat!

Jc6c in BB, one limper and SB completes. Flop Q72 with 2 clubs. I check and call a bet of 40 into a pot of 60. Sometimes I’ll play draws aggressively but early on I like to keep the pot small. The turn paired the 2 and I checked and called another 40 chip bet. I would have folded to a bigger bet but I was getting 4.5-1. River missed and the bettor had 8c7c. Down to 2280 chips and blinds just went up to 15/30.

Carl just messaged me that he has 7325 chips. I hate him with a passion that burns deep within my soul.

iMsoLucky0 just min-raised and I called in the SB with Ks8s. The flop came As3s8h, giving me a huge hand. A pair and a flush draw is never in bad shape. I check-raised the flop hoping he would remember the hand where I played my draw passively. He just called and I hit my spade on the turn. I bet a little under half the pot, hoping he’d read weakness but sadly he just called again. Too good for my shenanigans. The river paired the A so I no longer had the nuts but clearly he had a hand like AJ or AT so I valuebet 380 and he called with AhJh. Up to 3075 chips.

Gah, just lost a big pot with AA on button. One limper and I raise to 120. Flop is 3c7d6d. He checks and calls 180. Turn is Jh and he check-calls 420. The river is the ugly 5d and he thinks, thinks then bets 360 into a pot of 1485. It really feels like a flush so I cry a little bit and fold. Down to 2235 at the first break. I think it was a pretty easy fold but I just hate leaving all those chips out there.

I opened with AQo and got reraised by a tight player so I just folded PF. AQ is ridiculously tough to play out of position. The re-raiser just played a hand the same way and had AA so I’m hoping that means my fold was good. Down to 1935 chips with blinds at 25/50.

Yikes! Tight player has loosened up and raised UTG+1 to 155. I had AhKd in the SB and re-raised to 600, trying to get as much in preflop as possible. Raiser just called, a terrible result. AK is a crappy hand to play OOP postflop. The flop was J-high and all hearts and I pushed for about the pot. She quickly folded and I was back up to 2500ish.
Just played a bad hand. iMsoLucky0 opened to 125 in EP, a very small raise. I decide to just call in LP with TT. The flop is JJ7 with 2 diamonds, he bets 175 into pot of 325 and I call. The turn is 3d. He checks and I check. I don’t think he has much here and I’m hoping to pick off a bluff on the river. The river is another 3 for a board of JJ733. He checks and I bet 300, hoping for a call from A-high. Well, he calls with A3 for a boat. I don’t really like how I played this hand but oh well. Down to 1860, blinds just went up to 50/100.

Bleh, another one I’m not sure of. iMsoLucky opens for 300 and I’m in the SB with AK. A standard re-raise is to 800 or 900 but that’s putting half my chips in OOP. I push and he calls with 99. My push basically announced my hand to him and he could call with 22 there AND fold AQ pretty easily. I think I like re-raising to 800 then pushing on any flop. This looks like a much stronger hand. Anyway, the board made a 7-high straight so we chopped the pot. I’m very bad at poker. 1810 chips still.

ME argent has raised my blind every time so I made a stand with AT moving in over his 300 chip raise. He folded and I’m up to 2100. I just blew one hand. Floded to me in SB and the BB has let me steal all day. I decide to just call with Q9 and he insta-checks which probably means he had the FOLD button checked. Flop is K-high, all clubs and I check-fold. Missed out on 150 free chips there.

Good god, I'm playing so bad. Hit a gutter to take out top set. Here's how bad I'm playing: blinds 50/100 CO limps, I make it 500 in SB with AK, CO and I each have about 1800 to start the hand. Flop QJx and I bet 400? WHY!?! Lord knows I'm not folding but I like a c/r AI here better. He minraises to 800 and I call planning on pushing on the turn. But the turn is a T and I check-call all in vs top set. I am sooooo good at poker.

3505 at second break. I need to pull my head out of my ass.

Picked up TT and restole, got AK and stole. Up to 3955.

iMsoLucky opened in LP for 450 and I called in BB with 44. AQ4 is the greatest flop in the world and I check-called a 600 chip bet. I lead the turn K for 750 and he raised essentially all-in. He had KJ and the river J was irrelevant. Up to 6500. He thoroughly outplayed me the whole time and I got very lucky there.

This table is ridiculous. No flops, all raises and re-raises. Very tough.

Just lost about 2K. I open to 450 on button with 98o, BB defends. My button raises had all gone uncalled until this one. The flop is T66 with 2 diamonds, giving me a gutshot straight draw. BB checks and calls my 450 bet. The turn is an 8 so I have a pair and a gutter. I like my hand but I check behind. The river is a complete blank and the BB leads for 555. I try to pick off a bluff but she has AT and it’s all hers. Down to 4736 with blinds up to 100/200.

Oh lord, just donked off all my chips. I’d rather not talk about it. Let’s just say I’ve had better showings. The only good thing I did was trade 5% with Carl. LET’S GO COLSON10!!!!!!!

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