Monday, October 24, 2005

Baseball Road Trip

Well most of the teams have their 2006 schedules out but a few are slacking. The AL East and most playoff teams are kinda ruining it for me. Two of the only playoff teams with 2006 schedules: Astros and White Sox. Coincidence?

So here's my schedule for the first month:
Seattle: 3-Apr
Oakland: 5-Apr
San Fran: 6-Apr
Angels: 8-Apr
Padres: 9-Apr
Dodgers: 14-Apr
Arizona: 16-Apr
Rangers: 21-Apr
Astros: 22-Apr
Atlanta: 28-Apr
D-Rays: 29-Apr
Marlins: 30-Apr

12 teams in the first month but that's the toughest stretch. Once I drive from Miami to Baltimore(sounds very painful) the teams are much closer and I'll be able to come close to averaging a game a day. Dookie will probably be driving with me from Seattle to Phoenix then flying home from there. Anyone else is welcome to join me for stretches of highway if you want. Teams that don't have their schedules out kinda make it tough but I'm trying to hammer out a framework for the East Coast. Here we go:

Nationals: 3-May
Phillies: 4-May
Mets: May 5-7
Blue Jays: May 8-11
Tigers: May 16-21
Indians: May 12-21
Pirates: May 9-18
Reds: May 9-14
White Sox: May 9-11, 19-24
Brewers: May 12-21
Twins: 23-28
Royals: May 19-25
Rockies: May 21, June 2-11

Yep, I warned you it was ugly...I'm trying to look at the dates and figure out the best plan of attack. It may involve backtracking like I'm doing for the Angels-Padres-Dodgers but I'd really like to figure out how to hit one game every day. Are you excited yet? If anyone out there can get me the schedules for the Orioles, Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals and Cubs I'd be very much obliged.


Anonymous said...

Sweeeeeeet ass. Count me in for KC (you're welcome to stay as long as you need) and maybe any that fall on weekend dates in May or Jun. I will definitely try to get us a place to stay in Denver for the Rockies game.
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Schaefer said...

That's my semi-retarded friend Minh Ba. He's in Medical School. You have to be a little off to subject yourself to that kind of torture. We love him because he's special.