Thursday, October 27, 2005

Life Rears its Ugly Head

Well I had to run some errands today and remind myself that life isn't all peaches and cream. One of my tires went flat at Costco and I took the car over tot he tire center to see what was up. The treads were really worn and I ended up buying 4 new tires. They didn't have my size tire(baby Prius tires) so they oredered them and they aren't coming until Tuesday. The one that went flat had a hole in it so I put on the donut and took the side roads home. It's quite a pain in the ass since we're moving this weekend and I'm going to have to use the car.

Moving is the other slight pain in the arse. It's only a few miles but I hate boxing up all my stuff. I hated to the room next door while living in the Fraternity so I definitely hate loading my donutified car and driving a few miles.

I like our new place. My room is a lot smaller since I'm giving Kele and Danielle the Master bedroom but it's manageable. I'm going to be saving $165/month in rent so that satisfies the miser in me. I also can put my desk in the living room if it gets too cramped in the room and I think I'd like that better. I can't wait for my new computer and monitor to arrive. I'm such a poker nerd. We went to check out the new place today and I picked up two wireless signals that seem usable. I still think I'm going to get my own so I can troubleshoot when things go down instead of just cursing at the neighbors.

Well, that's about all the news. Two errands, man life is tough.

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