Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Well we're moving this weekend and I'm actually kinda happy about it. The wireless internet that I've been stealing from the neighbor has been very erratic since this week and it's been frustrating the hell ou of me. Luckily it hasn't wigged out during a big tournament but it's still caused a lot of problems while playing poker. At the new place I'm going to splurge for an internet connection of my own so that I have someone to complain to when it's going haywire. We also steal cable but we don't get all the channels. Basically we get a good number of channels with a bit of static and some that are unwatchable. Unfortunately, ESPN has become unwatchable and FOX has always been really bad so I've missed the World Series AND the World Series of Poker. It's football season so no Primetime is enough to make a man insane. I had to watch the highlights of the Seahawks game on my laptop and the internet kept cutting out. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Yep, I'm a cheap bastard and it takes a lot for me to spend money but I've reached my wits end. I also just bought a new computer and it's very media oriented. It has an input for cable TV and has the software to pause and record live TV, like TIVO but without subscription costs. I can then burn TV shows or sporting events to DVDs and watch them on regular DVD players. I bought it because I needed something more powerful than my laptop to run all of my poker programs with two 20" monitors.I'm planning on playing a lot of poker over the next few months and I'm going to need something strong and reliable. Here it is:

I think it's pretty cool. That price included shipping and a 20" monitor that normally costs around $600. I was planning on buying a second monitor anyway so it all works out well. Plus, as an Executive Member of Costco I get 2% back! I told you I was a cheapskate. The TV recording feature really intrigues me.

I've been feeling really good the past few days and I'm really glad that I decided not to go to Dublin. Rest is very nice sometimes and I'm really like it down here. I only have 5 months left here and I'll definitely be traveling a bit...speaking of travel here are my latest plans:

November 10-16: Boston/Foxwoods for poker. I might stay until the 18th if I can qualify for an entry to the $10,000 tournament. The final table is on the 18th so if I make it that far I'll buy a different ticket home. Right now the plan is to go and hang out with my Bostonian friends who essentially taught me how to win at poker and watch Carl play in the 10K event.

November 16-22: Seattle for Founder's Day. Fonder's Day is an annual Fraternity function that I had to miss last year while helping move Cliff to Alabama. I really would like to go every year that I can. I'll only miss this one if I somehow get to the final table of Foxwoods and it's going to take a hell of a lot for that to happen.

December 10-17: Vegas for another WPT event. Again, I'd like to qualify for this one too but I'm such a poker groupie that I can't stay away.

December 18-January 3: Seattle for the holidays. My mom's coming home!

January 3-11: The Bahamas!

January 25-28: Copenhagen!

February 8-11: Deauville, France to defend my EPT title!

March 31: Move out of my apartment down here. I'm planning on storing my stuff at my Dad's house in the Bay Area for a few months while traveling. I haven't asked him yet but maybe he'll read it here on the blog.

April 4 - June 1: Baseball Roadtrip

June 14-July7: Soccer's World Cup in Berlin, Germany.

July 7-Augut 13: Vegas for the WSOP.

September: Go back to school! Right now I'm torn between going to school in the Bay Area, Barcelona or Seattle. In the Bay Area I'd get to live with my pops for 2 years, in Barcelona, well, I'd get to live in Barcelona for 2 years, and in Seattle I might get to live with my baby brother for a few years. The Army has some sort of program where you can go to graduate school AND get paid as a captain while you do it. Sickening, the benefits those damn officers get. If he ends up enrolling for next fall there is a very good chance that we'd look into buying a place and living together. I think I'm going to apply to schools in all these areas and fiure out where to go from there. I'd really love to live with Cliff. He'd whip me into shape and possibly teach me how he got rid of the Schaefer laziness gene.

Well, I think this has gone on long enough. Can you tell I'm feeling better? It's 1:30 in the morning so I'm finally getting back on my normal sleep schedule. I'll see y'all Seattle kids in a few weeks.

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