Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tokyo Nightlife

Well, the past weekend was quite a blur and I'm here to report that Tokyo's nightlife is really fun. The clubs are clean and the dancing is ferocious. Japanese people do everything to the fullest, working 11 hour days then copletely letting loose on the weekends. the most crowded, interesting subway you'll ever see is a train from Roppongi at 5AM. There are business men vomiting on the floor, girls that look like they're 15 giggling incessantly, and big drunken Americans trying to remember how to get home. I'll let you guess which group Scott, Kent and I belonged to this weekend.

I don't really remember all the details but it was great reuniting with the boys. They live a pretty good life over here in Japan and I feel pretty jealous. I'm really growing to appreciate everything that Japan and Tokyo have to offer and I'll be sad to leave on Saturday morning.

Saturday we're heading to Hong Kong and I'm going to buy as much bootlegged apparel as I can. Sorry for the short entry but we're about to watch a movie at John Rankin's place. I really miss my home and my friends.

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