Monday, October 31, 2005


We finally cleaned our old apartment today and finished moving all the little stuff over here to our new place. The new place is a bit of a mess but I like having my desk in the living room. I'll put up a picture of my setup once my new computer and second monitor get here. I'm tracking it via UPS online and it's due on Thursday. I can't wait because my laptop is wigging out and randomly decides it doesn't want to let me use the internet at inopportune times. Not good when you're trying to make a living playing poker tournaments and other such things online.

I found some sweet poker chips for the religous readers:
Click on the "Faith Chips"

I don't remember if I put this in yesterday's blog but I finally bought my plane tickets to Seattle and Boston. I'll be in Boston from November 10-16 and Seattle from Nov 16-28. I will be attending a Seahawk's game on November 27th and I can't wait. I'm also planning on playing in our annual Thanksgiving football game for the first time in a while. I can't wait to blow up Ted.

Tomorrow my tires arrive at Costco. I haven't called the cable company yet. I'm considering waiting until I get back from my trip because it's $60/month for the nice digital cable package and I'm going to be gone for 18 days. If I can convince my roomies to chip in I'll get it before but they say they don't want cable so I'm planning on paying for it all. We shall see.

I alomst forgot, Happy Halloween. I hope you're having more fun than I am. Sitting in front of the computer is great but there's something about kickin' it with friends that makes my tummy warm.

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meanhappyguy said...

I was about to say... TURKEY BOWL!!! Where is your game at and when? Marc and friends usually have a game at Greenlake at 10am. Lots of people show up, a few other games are going on, and we've gotten the camera crews to film some Turkey Bowl Highlights for the 5pm news (Marc's claim to fame).