Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Hate Carl

Carl won a trip to the Bahamas today and will be joining Justin there in January. Normally I'm happy for my friends but I really hate Carl with a passion that burns deep inside my soul. I'm just kidding but now I want to win this trip sooooo bad. I'm afraid that my desperation will prove harmful for my game. We'll see. If I win one tomorrow it will be fine but with every day that passes it gets tougher and tougher. I got deep in a tourney that gave out a seat today but suffered some bad luck and went out in 7th. Man, I want this trip. I'm devoting the rest of the week to earning the trip. Hopefully I don't spend 12K in my quest. Wish me luck.

Costco finally installed my new tires today. I don't have to be donut boy anymore. My new computer gets in on Thursday according to UPS. We found out that we get free cable so I don't need to order it for the time being. I wonder if they're going to shut it off at some point. I've decided that I don't want to order it, even if they do shut it off. I'm still going to be traveling a lot and I'll probably be gone too much to make it worth paying all by myself. Kele really is adamant about not wanting cable so we're SOL if they cut it off. I just want it for a little while once I get my computer so I can use the TIVOish feature and burn a DVD of PrimeTime or something.

Did I mention that I hate Carl?


Anonymous said...

Brandon, here is a bill simmons article incase you haven't read it yet. Many seatown players referenced, but not all of them good.

knugs said...

brandon.......i hate carl too, but i also hate you. j/k. now i want to win a seat to the bahamas. hope all is going well and good luck in getting your seat. see you at founders day.

Schaefer said...

I don't see it Chizzie. Unless you mean ex-Seatown players like JJ, D-Mase and Nate-Rob. There isn't a single word written about anyone on the Supes. You so crazy!

Thanks for the gl wishes K-Nugs. I can't wait for Founder's Day. 2 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me that you all forgot about Brian Scalabrine? from oak harbor or gig harbor, you know one of those harbors. great article

don't worry, you'll get in to the tourny. Just read that quote from teddy R and you'll do it, Me so CRAZY!!!!!