Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Back to Reality

The real world sucks. After the crazy weekend, Monday reminded me that most of my friends have these things called "jobs" and "responsibilities". It's increasingly difficult to hang out whenever and wherever and it's hard for me to take because I'm living in fantasy land.

Last night Dookie and I went to Kangaroo and Kiwi for $0.25 wings. They were delicious as usual and we ended up eating 50 of them total. We had a good time playing darts and watching Monday Night Football but it was just the two of us. Everyone else bailed and kept dropping words like "errands" and "working late". What the hell? BTW, I won both games of darts if you were wondering. After dinner, Dave dropped me off and headed home to see his wife. He's hung out a ton over the past week and I really appreciate the sacrifices he's made.

At 9, I met Greenie and Kitty at Finn MacCool's for trivia night. Again, I had a good time caching up with them but it felt weird that no one else could make it because they were "tired" or "downloading porn". I hate the real world. I love trivia but it's run by a gay drama guy who always has categories like "Seattle Theater" and "Broadway Showtunes". He's a funny guy but I really struggle with his trivia. Give me "Seahawk's Football" and "Jenna Jameson movies" all day long.

Tonight I'm planning on seeing a few more friends but I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up just being me and my cat. I almost forgot to thank the people who have posted comments on the blog. I've said this before but without comments, I'm just a crazy man babbling to myself. With comments, I'm a crazy man babbling to others. There's a big difference.


Anonymous said...

Here's a comment, stop bitching. If I had a head half as big as yours, I'd be happy all of the time because my hair (or your "Jafro) would be a constant source of amusement.

I leave for Tokyo tomorrow, I live by the UW, you never call me to hang out, tonight's your last chance big daddy.

And yea, it was pretty neat to see you after Founder's Day (for like 2 minutes)


MIK22 said...

Hi Brandon,

I really enjoy reading you every day. Remember, I'm Michel Ab├ęcassis (MIK22) from Paris, we had a nice chat on PKS last time...
I've put a nice pic with you and Carl on my blog.
Why wouldn't you send me your answers to the interview I emailed you? French addicts would love to know more about yourself and about Carl, believe me!
Already gave them the link with your blog...
Take care,

Jimmy said...

It was good to see you again. Have a good time in Pasco and enjoy your Thanksgiving. I got suckered into this crap, so I decided to start a blog: http://minba.blogspot.com
It won't be as humorous as yours, but maybe you might find it entertaining every once in a while.