Saturday, November 05, 2005


Well I finished 11th in the Bahamas satellite and they were awarding 9 seats. I had a bit of bad luck with the draw I got and had to go for it. Here's a copy of an email I sent my poker friends:

UGH, despite Ramsey sweating me I finished 11th in the PCA satellite. One guy on my table started open-pushing every hand with 11 left and I was in 8th so had to keep folding. Then DavidRoss calls from the BB with A6 and beats the maniac's K7 and the other shorty on my table finds KK to beat maniac's 57. Meanwhile, on the other table 2 of the 5 players are sitting out and the shorty gets a walk in his BB and pushes a few and suddenly I'm 11th. The maniac was 2 to my left so the only times I got to even think about pushing were the CO and button when he was in the blinds. So I finally get TT on the button and open push and he has.....QQ. So disgusting. So I bubble the PCA. So I forget even winning any tournament 30 minutes ago. BLEH.

Seriously, I'm really pissed. I really want this damn trip and it may become my white whale if I don't pop that bubble soon. The bubble in poker is the worst feeling in the world. Damn it all. I guess I'll go look at the 63K in my account and smile for a minute.

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