Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More Ridiculous Airport Stories

Amazingly something happened on the flight home Monday night that had never happened to me before. Renee drove me to the airport and I was there about an hour early. I guess most bad things happen when I give myself plenty of time to catch the flight. Things only go smoothly when I show up 15 minutes before takeoff. Anyway, I'm at my gate and right around the time we're supposed to board the plane, they announce that the rear toilet seat is cracked and they need to replace it so boarding will be delayed for 30 minutes. We all groan and go back to watching the football game. 30 minutes later they announce tha the crew is still dismantling the toilet and that we're going to be delayed another 30 minutes. However, they offer to give us a $6 voucher to use at the airport if we want. Huh? Do you know who I am? I wipe my rear end with $20 bills! So I take the voucher and try to buy a pack of gum and get them to give me the change but they won't go for it. I reluctantly get 2 bottles of water and a Snapple for $6.09 and hand over nine cents. They always manage to get you somehow. Anyway, I go back to the gate, drink my Snapple and finally, about an hour later, they announce that they were unable to replace the toilet seat and we'd have to fly with the rear toilet out of order. So we end up waiting an hour-and-a-half for absolutely nothing to get done. God bless Alaska Air. I get into San Diego around 1 AM instead of 11:30 at night and my roommate isn't the happiest camper in the world. My irresponsibility isn't my fault, it's a natural reaction to life screwing me over whenever I'm on time and trying to be responsible.

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That's proof that irresponsibility pays. A few years ago, Renee, Danny, Cliff and I planned a trip down to San Francisco for Memorial Day weekend. Of course Renee and I got to the airport early but Cliff and Danny were nowhere to be found. I called Cliff's phone about 10 times before he answered, clearly getting woken up by the phone call and clearly hungover like nobody's business. It was about 40 minutes before the plane was supposed to take off and I figured that there was no way they'd make it. Well, they ended up throwing some clothes in a bag and driving like maniacs to the airport, hitting an express check-in kiosk, and making it on the plane, about 30 minutes after waking up. They parked the car in overnight parking, knowing that it was $20/day and knowing that they didn't have enough money to pay the ticket. When we returned 4 days later, we ran the ticket through, just in case, and indeed the ticket was for $80. Instead of paying we piled in Danny's Audi and drove to the exit. Danny chose a lane where a Ford Explorer was paying for his parking and nosed up to his bumper. Danny was on this guy's rear the whole time through the gate and as soon as he saw daylight, Danny punched it around the guy and we were home free. Danny kept the ticket and liked to check how much he owed every time he went to the airport. The ticket doesn't register anymore but the above was one of the last times that it did. It's kinda hard to pick up but the Lenthg of Stay is 45 Weeks, 15 hours and 57 minutes. Good times.

This morning I woke up around 11:30 and played a Double Shootout for the trip to the Bahamas. I finished 76th out of 78 entrants so things could have gone a little better there. Around 2PM, Kele's daughter Kianna came down from Ontario, CA and she'll be here until Friday. She's 10 years old and has a ton of energy. We played some Halo 2 and rough-housed a bit until Kele got home from work. At around 6PM we went to the local pizza place, called That Pizza Place, for dinner and video games. After dinner we went to the mall and looked at puppies. Good lord, puppies are expensive. They have a French Bulldog there for 3 G's. THREE LARGE. Insanity. We had a lot of fun at the pet store with Kele and Danielle trying to persuade me to buy them a weiner dog for Christmas. That one was only $1400 but I don't think I'll be making that wish come true any time soon. Finally, we headed to the movie theater to see Harry Potter 4. I liked it a lot the second time and being with Kianna made me realize how scary some of the scenes are in that flick. It's a pretty long film and afterwards we came home and just wound down a bit. I found out that Carl won a few more satellites into big events and I felt like killing him again. I seriously need to qualify for this PokerStars Bahamas tournament. I've decided that I'm going to play in it regardless of qualifying but I'd like to be able to save 8K.

I've also decided to play the EPT Copenhagen and Deauville events regardless of my qualifying ability. Justin qualified for Copenhagen already and if that fish is going to be in the field, I need to be there to take advantage of the dead money. So basically my schedule coming up is as follows:
December 10-17: Bellagio for a WPT event
December 17-January 3: Seattle for the holidays
January 3-11: Bahamas for the PokerStars Carribean Adventure
January 11-18: San Diego
January 19-22: Copenhagen for an EPT event
January 23-February 7: San Diego
February 8-11: Deauville for the EPT French Open

I'm considering staying in Europe for those two weeks between Copenhagen and Deauville to check out London and Ireland. I heard they're beautiful in January and February. I'd also like to spend more time in Copenhagen with my cousin, Walden, who is going to school there right now. Meh, I guess you can scratch San Diego Jan 23-Feb 7 and write in Europe. I guess I could just edit it now before I publish this blog but I've already typed this paragraph so screw it!

I hope I get to play a few tournaments tomorrow but it's going to be tough with Kianna bouncing off the walls. Here are a few random pictures from my time in Seattle. Enjoy.

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Dr. Pauly said...

Call me when you get into Vegas!

Anonymous said...

There goes Davis, BOOZIN' it up again. I think it's time for an intervention

Anonymous said...

I second the intervention!

Jimmy said...

And they wonder why they are all going bankrupt...I hate airlines. The last couple adventures flying for me have sucked balls also. I don't think a single flight has been on time. Anyways...thanks for the comments on my page Shader, it makes me feel important, like I have friends...Yah me...Yah..

Anonymous said...

Typical Davis? You need an intervention. I hate you all.