Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekly Poker Report

Bankroll: $76,029.52

I decided to skip the 6PM and 7PM tournaments because playing for 7 hours is enough. I started today at 11AM and don't feel like playing anymore. I didn't have any huge cashes but I took second in a Limit Hold 'em tourney and that paid $1,620 so I netted about $700 for the day. Sometimes I'll lose 2K on Sundays but sometimes I'll win a big chunk.

Obviously this was a good week but I spent about $1,000 on satellites for the Bahamas and paid my friend Noah $720 that I owed him from Barcelona so that's why the jump in Bankroll is less than the $63K tournament win. If you remember last week's post I want to build the BR to 100K by the beginning of July AND pay for all of my travel/rent/food expenses so the number will probably have to be around $120-125K. Clearly, I still have a lot of work to do.

The way to build a bankroll is through cash games. They're steadier than tournaments and if you're a winning player you can count on winning over the long run. Tournaments are a bit of a different animal. You still should win over the long run but there is soooooo much short term luck in tournaments that it's a dangerous way to build a bankroll. You can go on a cold streak and burn through tens of thousands of dollars without blinking. The only problem is that I enjoy tournaments so much more than cash games and I need to really force myself to play cash games. I don't know, part of me wants to just play tournaments. I don't think it's productive for a poker player to force himself to play any one form of the game. I guess what I'll do is play tourneys until I start getting too pissed at the beats then focus on cash games more. My friend Steve, a professional player for 5 years now, has told me many times that variety is key to maintaining focus so I guess there's nothing wrong with going on a tourney binge for a while.

I don't know if any of that was interesting to anyone but guess what: IT'S MY BLOG! DEAL WITH IT!

Nice win for the Hawks today. Any road win in the division is nice, even though Kurt Warner sucks. I can't believe Shaun took that 88-yarder to the house. It looked like he was going to get caught and then he hit "triangle" and hurdled over the diving tackle attempt. It's beginning to look like the game against the Giants will be an important NFC battle. And we have them at home. And I will be there. And Eli better SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN! GRIPPING HIS PILLOW TIGHT! I can't wait, baby! I'm not a player so I'm allowed to look ahead but I really hope we take care of business and rock the Rams next week. That will be another big step toward exorcising the demons.


Tomorrow I'm going to the UPS depot at 8 AM to pick up my computer. Thursday I'm flying to Boston. Next Wednesday I'm flying to Seattle. Yee-Haw!

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meanhappyguy said...

Thanks for the advice, I definately agree to the "WHY" question, I realize by not betting there isn't any logical reason to putting him on anything more than a pair really. Maybe I'll treat myself to that book for an early xmas present. Or maybe pick it up at the Portland library... I had Super System 2 for a while from the library, that was pretty sweet.

Got to listen to that Alexander run on the way back from the casino... was a game-breaker (and inspiration for the Madden game afterwards, heh).

Variety is definitely a good thing.