Monday, November 07, 2005

All Hooked Up

I went to UPS this morning and finally received the computer. It didn't come with a wireless network card so I had to buy one from the place down the street and of course the first one I got was defective. I tried to install it for about an hour and wasn't sure if the problem was just my computer illiteracy. Finally I took it back and they tested it to confirm that it was broken and then gave me a new one that I installed in a few minutes. I swear, computer stuff never goes smoothly, and crap like this is the norm.

Everything's hooked up now and the system is really great. The new monitor is still 20" but it's a little shorter and wider than the one that I had before and I won't be able to fit 4 tables on it but I'll probably only play a max of 6 at a time and use the extra space to surf the Internet and watch TV.

The TV feature is really awesome. They asked for my Zip Code then got my TV schedule from the Internet and I can search for programs and stuff just like digital cable. I can also pause live TV if I want to and then fast forward through the stuff I don't want to see, like commercials, to catch up with the live broadcast again. I thin kit's pretty damn slick. AND, I can find programs and schedule for them to be recorded while I'm away so I can watch the WSOP whenever I want to. AND, when you ask it to record a show it gives you the option of recording the entire series, so that it remembers each week so I won't ever need to remember to program it. AND, once the shows are recorded I can burn them onto DVDs. Very exciting, and I'm leaving it on Thursday. Cry.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you for figuring out the computer without having to call me for help. Sounds like you got the dual monitors running. You must be in poker ecstasy with 6 tables.


Schaefer said...

You have no clue how close I was to calling you about 50 times. Computers and their hardware are so damn frustrating.