Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Banks vs Casinos

I went to the bank today because I wanted $5,000 to bring to Boston/Foxwoods. I always forget this but if you're getting a large sum of money you need to call ahead and order it. At first they said they probably couldn't do it but after I yelled, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!!" and "I COULD BUY THIS BANK!!!" a few times they gave in. The only problem was that they could only give me $3,000 in $100 dollar bills and I had to get the rest in $20s. They gave me 100 $20 dollar bills and I don't need that much toilet paper!

So, being the resourceful chap that I am, I went to the Casino to launder the money. I bought into the $20/40 game for $1000 and bought $500 more chips a few hours in, then $500 more a little later. All of my $20 bills were converted into chip form and when I left, about 30 minutes ago, they were able to give me Benjis in return. The moral of this story is that banks suck and casinos rule. THe $20/40 game was unbelievably great and 7 out of 9 players had overs buttons with no clue how to adapt. I hit two big flushes and ended the session up $1100. Now I have $6100 to bring to Boston and it's straight $100s, homie.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about small time. It took you 30 minutes to make a profit of $1100? It only takes me like a week, busting my ass day in and day out....oh wait...I hate you.
Wish you the best in Boston, I still rock that outrageously bootleg Red Sox t-shirt you bought me.
Stay Gangster.