Thursday, November 03, 2005


Man, I woke up this morning psyched to play my best poker. I was planning on concentrating and playing my best to fulfill my quest to win a seat in the PokerStars Carribean Adventure. That's why it hurt so bad today to get as unlucky as I did. I seriously tried to play really well and kept getting bitch-slapped by the deck. I won't go into details but the poker gods really had fun with me today. They kept giving me great tables with the worst players ever and giving me good hands that just couldn't win. I only lost about $400 but it felt really, really bad. I think it's because I talked shit about Carl. He's done some deal with the gods and hardly ever runs bad. So my new official statement is that I love Carl and I wish him the best. Now I hope I'll get off the Poker Gods' shit list. God, I love poker. I really, really do.

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Anonymous said...

if thats what it takes i love carl too......i think i might ask him to marry maybe the poker gods will stop shitting on me as well and maybe i can finally win a tournament instead of getting busted out when we are down to 2 tables on some bullshit. good luck with the shootouts. hopefully i can see one of you two on tv that is not downloaded from the ept.