Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Spending Money

Today I spent a buttload of money. Spending money happens to be one of my least favorite activities but sometimes you gotta do it. I went to Costco to get a watch because I've needed one for about a year now but was always too lazy to actually get one. At Costco they had a Sprint booth set up and I went to lok at new phones because mine is pretty old. I really liked the Treo and decided to pick it up. It has bluetooth technology, which is basically wireless networking and came with one free month of Vision which lets me access the internet anywhere. The phone can also work as a router for my laptop so I can connect to the internet on my laptop anywyhere I go. I can be driving(or preferably RIDING) in a car across the desert and play poker on my laptop using my phone as a wireless router. I'm going to experiment with the compatibility for a while and see if I want to keep the Vision service. It's $15/month and includes free picture and video messaging. O'll let you know how it goes. I played around with it for a bit, transferring my phone book and whatnot but I think I'm going to have to wait until I see Clifford to really understand what features are cool. He's always been the technology guru in the family. He had a cell phone before me and my first phone was his hand-me-down and that number is still alive as Mike's phone. Ah, the cirle of life.

I also bought a Kenneth Cole watch that looks kinda different but I like, an 80 Gig portable Hard Drive, a good surge protector, a case of gummi bears, a case of sunflower seeds, 100 stamps, a hand towel for my bathroom and two DVDs, Rudy and Training Day. All told it was: more money than I wanted to spend. What can I say, I'm a compulsive son of a bitch.

That's about it. I played a little poker today but didn't do anything special. The Treo is really pissing me off because the book claims that it I can put music on it but the actualy device manager on my computer won't let me drag my MP3s into the little update box. Technology, the bane of my existance.

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