Thursday, November 03, 2005


According to UPS tracker they came to my apartment at 9:20 AM and no one answered the door. I just woke up (11:40) and I can neither confirm nor deny their claim of coming by this morning. I guess I just need to wake up early tomorrow and sit by the front door in my rocking chair. It's reather disappointing to have to wait another day but I guess I can suck it up.

Axe body spray has a contest online for the dirtiest fraternity shower. Guess who's one of the 10 finalists....Psi U! I guess that's not really something to be proud of but if we win Axe will spend $15,000 to "Pimp Our Shower". If you have the time, go to this page:
and vote for Psi Upsilon, Washington. You can vote once per day so vote early and vote often.

I was planning on spending all day having fun with my new computer but I guess I'll do that tomorrow. TOday I'll try to recover from yesterday's poker debacle. Wish me luck.

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