Friday, November 04, 2005

Computer oh Computer

Where art thou, Computer? I've been up since 8 AM, a painful experience, and UPS hadn't shown up yet. The online tracking system said that they came here at 9:40 AM yesterday so maybe they're trying a different time of day.

I got kinda close to the Bahamas yesterday. I won the first table of a double shootout but finished 4th at the final table. Double shootouts are 81-person tournaments. There are 9 tables of 9 players and the winners of each table advance to the final. The winner of this 9-person table gets the trip. I had a very difficult first table but got some good cards and was able to take it down. My second table was filled with really bad players but I got a little unlucky, holding K9 on a flop of KK4 while my maniac opponent held KT. This guy was unbelievably crazy, playing 90% of pots and calling all bets. K9 felt like the nuts there but instead knocked me out in 4th place. I feel good about these Double Shootouts and I hope to have some good news soon.

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