Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nice Win

Nice Win Posted by Picasa

It took me this long to figure out how to put that up on my site. First the picture was too big then I couldn't upload it because it was a .bmp instead of a .jpg. Anyway, it's now immortalized forever.

I downloaded an excel spreadsheet on Friday that keeps track of tournament statistics. It tracks your ROI, how much money you make, what sites you do best on, and a bunch of other great things. Sadly, all the data is now ruined because of the big win in my 3rd tournament entry. Now it say that I average over $20K per tournament and my ROI is 10341.2%. For some readon I don't think that's sustainable over the long run.

I'd be stupid if I didn't admit how lucky I was in this tournament. I think I'll post some key hands later but I cracked Aces twice when we were all in preflop, once with J6o and once with J8o. What a silly game. Today is Sunday and that means most of the major tournaments. I might give back half the money today and make the spreadsheet more believable. GO SEAHAWKS!


meanhappyguy said...

Congrats... on figuring out how to post pictures!

knugs said...

congrats, i officially hate you even more, j/k. nice win. keep it up