Sunday, November 13, 2005

Go Seahawks!!

I'm sitting in a bar at Foxwoods watching the Seahawks play the Rams. The Hawks lead 10-3 at the half and it looks like this will be a close one. Most of the people in the bar are degenerate sports bettors and their only affiliation is to whichever team they bet on this week. Just about everyone took the Rams at -6.5 so they won't mind if the Hawks win by 6. I'd personally like to see a second half blowout.

There was a $50/100 game going today so I sat down for a while. I lost about $1500 but finally got to play in a game that mattered. I'm going to give it another shot after the Hawk's game so wish me luck.

We're just about ready to kick off the second half. Let's take care of business, boys.