Sunday, November 13, 2005

Live from Foxwoods

Carl's in good shape with around 20K in chips. He's had a number of intersting hands and has been playing well. Andy Bloch is sitting 2 to his right. Let's hope he gets lucky and ends the day around 50K. I'm in full groupie mode today, taking breaks from sweating Carl to go upstairs to sweat Justin in his $10/25 NL game. He's also playing well and is up a few thousand today. I haven't played a single hand of poker today but I'm having a lot of fun. I hung out with Pauly from Tao of Poker for a little while and we BSed about football, women, and of course, poker. We might go play some drunken $2/4 later if the mood strikes us.

I don't know why I decided to enter this in my blog. I guess watching poker for hours and hours made me want to do something time-consuming. Pauly told me that he's been reading my blog so I'm going to have to start making better posts and less meaningless drivel. This is the last one, I promise. Or not.

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meanhappyguy said...

Hey now, "meaningless drivel" is under-rated. If Pauly just wrote about poker do you think we would all continue to read his blog? Sure, poker is the reason we found his blog in the first place, but the going ons at the Redneck Riviera is why we keep coming back.