Thursday, March 14, 2013


Getting bad at pushups and bad at updating this thing. Did 150 on Monday in random sets of 30, 120 on Tuesday in 2 sets of 60, 180 yesterday in 3 sets of 60 and 200 today in 4 sets of 50 for a total of 650 in 4 days. Feels like I've been horrible but it really isn't the end of the world. Some Pilot buddies have friends visiting them and I've been more motivated to hang out and booze with them than do any severe pushup workouts. Their trip coincides with an academics week for me so there are no rules as to drinking before flying or whatever. It's the perfect storm for a shit show of a week. One of the females is a pretty strong runner so I logged a fastish 4 miles on Monday and then a fastish 3 miles yesterday and today because she quit on me before the end of the loop, haha.

Tuesday was track day and I uploaded the workout here:

8 x 200m

My splits were 32, 34, 34, 34, 36, 36, 36, 34 and my rest times ranged from 1:48-2:23 as I walked around the track. I don't know if I should try to standardize those times to ~2 minutes but I didn't realize I was spending 30 extra seconds walking toward the end of the workout. I ran 2 laps to warm up and 2 laps to cool down so I'm going to call it 2 miles. Tomorrow is supposed to be an off day but I like running with this female and it's their last day in town so I may make it out again.

I haven't been weighing myself but I have been drinking a ton of beer and eating poorly so I have that going for me. I'm going to make sure I get my Friday AM weigh-in tomorrow morning and see where I'm at. Don't feel like it's going to be too bad actually because of the consistent running.

Pushups: Week-650 YTD-13600
Pullups: Today-0 YTD-115
Running: Week-12mi YTD-175.85mi

Fri, 01Feb - 204.3
Fri, 01Mar - 203.4
Fri, 08Mar - 203.4

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