Thursday, March 07, 2013

Great day

I got my 500 pushups and my 30-minute run, holla! Just finished a 52 pushup set that rounded out a 208-60-60-60-60-52 day. My arms are quite sore and I have no idea how Kennedy can do 1k in a day or even double ripdeck sessions. The man is an animal. I woke up 15 minutes early today and knocked out a ripdeck session which made the rest of the day a lot easier.

My ripdeck time actually went up to 10:39 but I think I ran about as bad as you can run. Early on I got black(situps) 2-5-R2-4-A-A-K-9-8-R3-7-T for 86 situps and only 5 pushups and then at the end I got 5-9-8-Q-6-T-A for 64 pushups. My beloved Ace of diamonds took me 33 seconds to complete! I also think my reaction time was slower because it was 0545 in the morning. My times were Pushups 4:01 Situps 6:38 after having Pushups 3:29 Situps 6:57 last time. I refuse to believe that my pushups got that much worse. Anyway, next time I will PR. For sure.

My 5k training schedule called for a 30 minute run today and my time was decent. There are a few hills that suck and 30:28 isn't too bad. I think I'm going to set my goal at 20 minutes for the 5k so that's 4 minutes per km so that's 48 seconds per 200m so that's 1:36 per 400m and 6:24/mile. Hmmmm. May be a bit ambitious but I guess it's better to set your goals too high than too low. I love that sentence where I do math as I type. Lol.

Ughhhh just added up my numbers and I'm 61 short of being 1/4 of the way to my 50k. Ummmm nope I'm not gonna do it. I'll just get 61 in my first set in the morning and be happy with it. Goodnight.

30 minute run

Pushups: Today-800 YTD-12439
Pullups: Today-0 YTD-115
Running: Today-4mi YTD-156.85mi

Fri, 01Feb - 204.3
Fri, 01Mar - 203.4
Tue, 05Mar - 203.2
Thr, 07Mar - 203.4

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Dave Rozsnyai said...

I think you'll be able to get the 20 minute mark no problem.

And while 500 pushups is no 1000 it is still impressive