Monday, April 22, 2013

Night Shift

Today was a weird day. It's the first day of night flying so I just sat around the house all day. James came home at lunch and we played the pushup game. I got all 4 Aces again and did 323 pushups to his 232. Ridiculous. Then Marina and I went running and did 3.46 miles in 26:26. She's so much faster than she was and running with her is no longer such a break for me. Here's a sweaty pic we took after the run.

I'm off to work where I'll be flying until 1 AM. Today is night unaided where we fly around without any Night Vision Devices. My instructor pilot calls it "Night Vision Goggle Appreciation Day" because flying blind sucks so much. Wish me luck!!

Pushups: Today-323 YTD-20617
Pullups: Today-0 YTD-253
Running: Today-3.46mi YTD-253.28mi

Fri, 01Feb - 204.3
Fri, 01Mar - 203.4
Mon, 01Apr - 203.6
Fri, 05Apr - 203.0

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