Sunday, April 28, 2013


Totally curbed myself this weekend. There was an awesome little street party in Nashville and there were these kids playing with a beach ball. Obviously I was super drunk and started playing with them. Played with them for like 15 minutes having a blast and then I chased an errant ball, almost ran over a 8 year-old and faceplanted on the curb as I was avoiding him.

Quite the sobering moment that would have never happened if I wasn't nearly blacked out. Obviously there are worse things that could have happened as a result of my binge drinking but a huge scar on the bridge of my nose should be a pretty good wake-up call. I've been just horrible with my drinking over the past year and it has to stop. I'm going to avoid hard alcohol for a while and avoid binging on anything after the next weekend where I'll be at a party that non-binging on beer just isn't an option.

I'm just so pissed at myself for doing this and acting generally like a jackass every weekend for the past year. Here are some pics, including me at the bar post-accident. When keeping it real goes wrong.

Quick word about this girl in the last picture because she is so awesome. I was hating on myself for the curbing and kept saying I needed to go home and she was like no you look great, you can't even notice it, stay and have fun. So I was all pumped up with confidence and stayed and had a blast that I wouldn't have had without her. She's a 4th grade teacher and wasn't at all surprised that 8 year-olds were part of the cause of my pain. She told me a lot of great stories about people getting hurt while playing with kids and totally lifted my spirits. Great girl that I'll hopefully hang out with more once I move up there.

Anyway, back to physical fitness and away from self-loathing. Shit will heal. On Friday I attempted to do a full deck of pushups and quit after 26 cards. I did 292 which is more than average and it really sucks not having a break when your partner would usually be doing pushups. Next time I do the game by myself, I think I'll make every other card situps, kind of like ripdeck. Saturday I did 60 pushups before getting wrecked and then today I did 60 pushups in the morning and played the card game tonight with James, logging 271. By my math that's 683 for the weekend.

I didn't get to Nashville until 3 AM on Saturday morning so I decided not to bandit the half marathon and actually didn't get any running done at all this weekend. I'll go for sure tomorrow morning, I have a PT test in 3 weeks and I don't think it's going to go very well unless I start hitting it hard right now.

Pushups: Weekend-683 YTD-21733
Pullups: Today-0 YTD-320
Running: Today-0mi YTD-263.92mi

Fri, 01Feb - 204.3
Fri, 01Mar - 203.4
Mon, 01Apr - 203.6
Fri, 26Apr - 200.4

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