Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stretching it Out

I'm making a concerted effort to run longer again and decided to run 7.54 miles today. I recruited a buddy who is significantly slower than me and got to treat the run like an interval run, sprinting hills and waiting for him on the downslope. I felt pretty good and even though the time wasn't real good, I feel like I could have run it quite a bit faster. Here's the shitty map and graph:

Today was an off-day for pushups but I did one set of 50 with dinner. I think I'm going to try to knock out a full deck tomorrow and get ~500. I did 4 pullups on the minute for 7 minutes and then 3 pullups on the minute for 3 minutes. I think I'm getting better but I still suck.

Tomorrow I'm going to take a short run to stretch my legs out and then I might bandit the Nashville Rock and Roll Half-Marathon on Saturday. It depends on how I feel after the 6-hour drive up there. Unfortunately I don't get done flying until 8:30 PM so I won't get up there until around 3 AM. Blah.

This dude came into my room this morning and wanted to play with cars. I wanted to study. Guess who won that battle?

Pushups: Today-50 YTD-21050
Pullups: Today-37 YTD-320
Running: Today-7.54mi YTD-263.92mi

Fri, 01Feb - 204.3
Fri, 01Mar - 203.4
Mon, 01Apr - 203.6
Fri, 05Apr - 203.0

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