Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paying the price

Bleh, woke up today feeling sore all over. My foot is the most troubling, feels like a bit of a stres fracture in the top part. I decided to take the day off and have been stretching it out. It hurts to do that but the more I stretch it, the less I think it's a fracture. Hopefully it feels better tomorrow. My arms felt weird as well and my abs still hurt so I did just one set of 60 pushups for the day. I'm happy with 10k in 2 months but I was hoping for a bit more. The past week or two have been pretty brutal but I guess that's what happens when you binge drink like a 19 year-old. Oh, also my weight fluctuated down like crazy. I think I was dehydrated and maybe that's why my foot felt/feels like crap. Let's hope that's all it is.

Pushups: Today-60 YTD-10358
Pullups: Today-0 YTD-115
Running: Today-0mi YTD-147.85mi

Fri, 01Feb - 204.3
Fri, 08Feb - 203.8
Fri, 15Feb - 200.4
Fri, 22Feb - 203.4
Mon, 25Feb - 207.8
Tue, 26Feb - 206.4
Wed, 27Feb - 201.8

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Dave Rozsnyai said...

Altitude training put a hurting on me. There is a pretty nice fitness center at the hotel we are staying at. I don't know why ellipticals can't give a realistic speed. I clocked in at 7:00 miles but know I wasn't going that fast, but it beats the ones saying 11 minute pace. On top of that, the elliptical had solitaire on it.

I did some pull ups and pushups afterwards. Not sure if it was from being tired from yesterday or the altitude but it was rough.

Pushups - 165 / 3930 YTD
Pull ups - 40 / 365 YTD

Running - 0 / 24.14 YTD
Treadmill - 0 / 2 YTD
Elliptical -3 / 20.5 YTD
Run total - 46.64 YTD