Monday, February 11, 2013


I am having an incredibly tough time with pullups. I did 300 pushups today, easily, and figured I'd work on some pullups. One 6-1 pyramid and my chest is on fire and I'm quitting for the day. I don't really feel it much in my back but clearly my chest is imbalanced. It's mostly the upper part of my pecs that feel like they're going to tear every time I do a pullup. It's so weird because I used to knock out 8-10 randomly without any issues. On Thursday, I'm going to try a pullup-pushup combo workout that goes 5-10-5-20-5-30-5-40-5-50-5-40-5-30-5-20-5-10-5 and see how fast I can complete it, only resting as much as I need to rest. Maybe I'll do that workout a few times a week if I like it and shoot for lower times each week. It adds up to 250 pushups and 50 pullups which seem like nice numbers for a little upper body session. We'll see.

Pushups: Today-300 YTD-7800
Pullups: Today-21 YTD-75
Running: Today-0mi YTD-101.75mi
Fri, 01Feb - 204.3
Fri, 08Feb - 203.8
Sat, 09Feb - 202.2
Sun, 10Feb - 204.0
Mon, 11Feb - 204.0

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Dave Rozsnyai said...

I was having a good workout day and was able to finish it strong thanks to a little disagreement with the wifey. Working out is the #1 way to relieve stress.

Went to the gym at lunch and started with 10/25x3. Then 3 miles on the elliptical followed by a grueling 5 minutes on the stair treadmill. I think a side goal in this project might be for me to break that machines motor. I like to get on there and increase the level every 30 seconds. I think I was at level 16 out of 20 for the last 30 seconds. Finished the gym with another 10/25.

There is a group of people who do pushups at work once a day. I've been wanted to wait until I was in really good shape and just embarrass the shit out of them. But I got sucked in today and was able to do 1 set of 50 straight. It was probably the most of anyone there but not the annihilation I was going for.

Then tonight just did 50, 25, 25, 40, 35, 25

That workout you described is going to suck BTW

Pushups - 350 / 1575 YTD
Pull ups - 40 / 200 YTD

Running - 0 / 10.36 YTD
Treadmill - 0 / 2 YTD
Elliptical - 3/ 11.5 YTD
Run total - 0 / 23.86 YTD