Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Orleans

Epic City. Great food, legal to drink in public, great music, etc. Having a half marathon on a Sunday morning is a little sadistic, however, and my legs were cramping as I stood in my corral before running a single mile. I ran the first 10 miles with my friend's wife and then did the last 3.1 a little faster. I kept a 7:24 pace for that last stretch but we were so slow for the 10 miles that I only managed a 2:01 time. In the nearish future I'd like to run another one and shoot for something in the 1:40s. For that race, I won't drink vodka/car bombs/sake allll day the day before. Pushups were a total bust due to the fact that I was either drinking or running all the time. I did 60 on Friday morning, zero on Saturday, and 100 today in 2 sets of 50. Tomorrow I'm going to try out the ripdeck card game app that incorporates situps with 232 pushups. I haven't done a situp since December so that should be fun. I'll also do some tomorrow morning to push myself over 10K.

Pushups: Weekend-160 YTD-9730
Pullups: Weekend-0 YTD-115
Running: Weekend-13.1mi YTD-142.85mi

Fri, 01Feb - 204.3
Fri, 08Feb - 203.8
Fri, 15Feb - 200.4
Tue, 19Feb - 207.8
Wed, 20Feb - 204.4
Thu, 21Feb - 202.2
Fri, 22Feb - 203.4

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Dave Rozsnyai said...

I only managed 100 pushups yesterday and I am really sore this morning. I loaded a bunch of material for my cabin and loaded stone that I'm selling to a guy off craigslist today.

Pushups - 100 / 3565 YTD
Pull ups - 0 / 325 YTD

Running - 0 / 21.96 YTD
Treadmill - 0 / 2 YTD
Elliptical -0 / 17.5 YTD
Run total - 41.46 YTD