Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Fly is No Fun

It's been thunderstorms and lightning for 3 straight days here so we haven't been flying. We still wake up at 0350 and show up to school at 0500 but we just sit around and get asked questions about the aircraft and aerodynamics. Normally the class is a pain in the ass but flying is your reward for putting up with it. Now, there is no reward and school is just painful. At least we get to go home by 9ish, work that's done by 9 AM isn't too terrible.

I did manage to do 120 pushups around breakfast, complete a 5-10-5-20-5-30-5-40-5-30-5-20-5-10-5 pushup/pullup pyramid before lunch, run 7 miles before dinner, then do 120 pushups around dinner. So the day wasn't a total waste. 400 pushups and 40 pullups and 7 miles might be my best day ever. Toward the end of the pyramid I was doing 2 pullups then resting then 2 more then 1. I videotaped myself for posterity and it's funny to see me struggle to pull myself up to the bar. I'll save the video and maybe post it later when I have a majestic one to show everyone.

It's pretty awesome having Dave blogging his workouts here. Daut, Ryan and I just had a Twitter conversation about being meatheads and it's so nice having workout "partners". This 50k pushups would be such a chore if I didn't have these other people along for the ride. Thanks, other people!! There's an app called ripdeck that Ryan uses for pushups and situps. It's a basic pushup/situp card game but it looks like fun and is easier than using a real deck. I'll probably start using it after the Half Marathon since I don't feel like destroying my abs while running these distances. I haven't done any situps since December 1st, hope the running has kept my core in some sort of shape.

Pushups: Today-400 YTD-8200
Pullups: Today-40 YTD-115
Running: Today-7mi YTD-108.75mi

Fri, 01Feb - 204.3
Fri, 08Feb - 203.8
Sat, 09Feb - 202.2
Sun, 10Feb - 204.0
Mon, 11Feb - 204.0
Tues, 12Feb - 202.4

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Dave Rozsnyai said...

Really didn't feel like doing push ups but can't see your giant numbers and not do them. Blah blah random sets through out the afternoon and did a final set of 50 after my run. It is funny that a set of 25 isn't easy to me but I can still make it to fifty if I pause mid-set.

I felt great running. I have a hard time going out on longer slower runs/jogs but I think my legs were tired from yesterday and it made it easier for me to do that. It didn't feel hard and I felt like I was coasting for most of it. Just under 8 minute miles which is pretty slow but the ease I did it with after only running a handful of times this year felt great.

I looked at my garmin log and I didn't do 5 miles until June last year (unless I did it without the gps watch but I doubt it) so year to year I am looking good considering I shut it all down in september for 4 months

Pushups - 150 / 1725 YTD
Pull ups - 0 / 200 YTD

Running - 5.1 / 15.46 YTD
Treadmill - 0 / 2 YTD
Elliptical - 0 / 11.5 YTD
Run total - 28.96 YTD