Friday, February 01, 2013

February Goals

Today was slow, 180 pushups and no running. I'm running 12 miles at 7 AM tomorrow so I figured I could take a day off to rest up. I did a set of 60 after every meal and my arms and chest are feeling sore but it's a good sore that means I'm pushing myself to do more.

I talked to my buddy Dave today and he said that only doing pushups is going to leave my body in an imbalanced state and that I should start incorporating pull ups. My boobs are looking pretty good but my back and biceps are wasting away. I had been thinking about pull ups before our talk but I didn't want to be too sore to accomplish my pushup bet. I'm feeling good with respect to the pushups and I think I can handle doing a few pull ups every other day so I'm going to start those up. Maybe I'll start a log beneath my other running totals.

As far as running goals go, I think I just want to run 5 times a week, culminating in the half marathon on February 24th. I don't really care how many miles I run, if I get out there 5 times a week the numbers will take care of themselves. I'd also like to get to 10k pushups by the end of the month, anything else will be gravy.

I weighed myself and I was 204.3 this morning which is up from the 200.2 that I weighed after Christmas break but down from the 209.0 that I weighed in Montgomery last weekend. My weight fluctuates like crazy but I'm going to track it just to see the trends. Maybe I'll record it daily for the week and then delete the daily steps once I get to next Friday. We'll see how it flows. If the blog starts to get too cluttered, I'll stop.

Pushups: Today-180 YTD-5705
Running: Today-0mi YTD-61mi
Fri, 01Feb - 204.3


Dave Rozsnyai said...

Ok I'm jumping on board. Nothing should be a bigger motivation for working out than seeing how you've changed yourself. Funny how the last few years we have switched places physically. Hopefully there is room for both of us on the good side. I'll shoot for your number but we'll see how much running I do versus elliptical because of my injuries. I'm going to break the mileage up and track them separate. My 12 months start Feb 1st. I'm going to try and add a comment every day you write a post. Hopefully more of them are filled with results instead of excuses. Considering my push up limit is about 25 a set right now I have my work really cut out for me.

Pushups - 125 / 125
Pull ups - 0 / 0 - I did 10 on Jan 31st :)
Running - 3 / 3
Elliptical - 2/ 2
Run total - 5 / 5

Schaefer said...

YES!!! This is awesome. Honestly don't think there's a better feeling than motivating a friend to be better. This experience just got a whole lot cooler.